A receiver is liquidating the home of Stow-Glen Retirement Village

What will occur to Stow-Glen Retirement Village and will former personnel ever get their again wages?

Marc P. Gertz, an Akron law firm who specializes in bankruptcy law, explained it doesn’t look Stow-Glen will file for bankruptcy for the reason that a court-appointed receiver is by now working to liquidate Stow-Glen’s assets.

Stow-Glen:‘It was so swift.’ The tale at the rear of Stow-Glen Retirement Village’s abrupt, chaotic closure

Stow-Glen:Why we took a nearer glance at the closure of Stow-Glen Retirement Village

When Stow-Glen notified the condition of Ohio it was closing in July, it mechanically defaulted on its loan with Northwest Financial institution, triggering a legal agreement to appoint a receiver.

The receiver, appointed by a Summit County Common Pleas judge, will offer Stow-Glen’s true estate, auction off or sell off its property -—everything from beds to artwork on the walls — and collect remarkable payments owed to Stow-Glen. 

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