House with ‘river’ in living room sells in Tennessee



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A unique property hidden away in a wooded area in Knoxville, Tennessee, has sold for $745,000 according to Zillow.

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Usually, when listings mention a home’s “water feature”, they’re talking about a pool, pond or some other body of water. They’re hardly talking about the cool feature this particular house has running through the interior of the property.

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According to Realtor, the home comes with what appears to be an actual “must see” river running through the main living area of the 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home.

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“It runs from one side to the other, and then it actually circulates back around in that area,” listing agent Chad Copenhaver told Realtor. “There’s a platform up above it.”

In addition to the river, the 2,766-square-foot home has an abundance of windows that allow natural light flowing through, a new gallery kitchen, upgraded bathrooms and a primary suite with a private deck, the listing says.

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However, it’s the water feature that’s getting the most attention.

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“It brought people into the house, just to kind of see what was going on with it. They get a little bit of shock and awe with it,” Copenhaver told Realtor. “With some landscaping stuff that’s gathered around it, we kind of call it a treehouse. You’re obviously in the middle of the house — but you kind of feel like you’re in the woods having a glass of wine next to the stream.”

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

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