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Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from July 20 through July 26.

Tuesday, July 20

Maninger, John Richard to Belanger, Van-Ryan, 412 Sierra Dr, Lawrence.

Vilandai, Suchithra Madhavan, Vilandai, Anatha to Larue, Michael E., 255 N Michigan St 19-17, Lawrence.

Lipsey, Richard Dale to Henry, Kaycie, 4413 Stone Meadows Ct, Lawrence.

Vaccaro, Nick D., Jr., Trustee, Nick D. Vaccaro Revocable Trust to Schmitt, Louis P., Schmitt, Carol, Propst, Wayne, 1701 Kentucky St, Lawrence.

Vaccaro, Nick D., Jr., Trustee, Nick D. Vaccaro Revocable Trust to Schmitt, Louis P., Schmitt, Carol, Propst, Wayne, 1705 Kentucky St, Lawrence.

Craig, Timothy D. to Torrez, Ralph, Jr., 214 Glenview Dr, Lawrence.

Huerter Llc to Rao, Seshu C., 3040 Havrone Way, Lawrence.

Catloth, Grant, Catloth, Anna to Harper, Chris, 1831 Illinois St, Lawrence.

Hall, Matthew T. to Gage, Jacob G., 1033 New Jersey St, Lawrence.

Spencer, Paul Alan, Spencer, Lisa M to Hanson, Derek J, Hanson, Brandy R, 811 Lawrence Ave, Lawrence.

Kampfer, Gary E. to Gercke, Diane Marie, 732 Locust Ave, Lawrence.

Rocker, Marjorie L. to Smalley, Michael R., 3200 W 19th St, Lawrence.

Luna Ventures, Llc to Seidner, Tess Marie, Seidner, Tess M, Aka, 1720 Vermont St, Lawrence.

Potts, Dwight A to Wurdeman, Gregory T, Wurdeman, Khylie L, Vacant Land.,

Robertson, Jacqueline F., Robertson, Wesley D. to Beaulieu, Elizabeth M., 3013 Topeka Ln, Lawrence.

Jake Garber Construction, LLC to Annapurna, Veerayyagari, Panuganti, Srinivasa Chari, 3627 Prairie Clover Ct, Lawrence.

Stone, Logan M., Executor, Edmonds, David D., Estate Of to Bryan, Cecilia L., Bryan, Peyton T., 1044 E 1700 Rd, Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 21

Wright, Alan E., Wright, Amy D. to Wade, Shane, Wade, Gentry, 2821 Kensington Rd, Lawrence.

Hill, David M., Hill, Pamela K. to Barr, Dewey S., Barr, Jodie A., Vacant Land.,

Ford, Leonard Todd to Netro, Isaac Castaneda, Castaneda, Janie E., 1801 Atherton Ct, Lawrence.

Gehringer, Rachael to Schlumpberger, Amanda, 12352 Vermont St, Lawrence.

Deeg, Matthew, Deeg, Brittany Nb to Leicht, Allyson A, Krieg, Robbie A, 1932 W 3rd St, Lawrence.

Hill, Gary A, Trustee, Gary Allen Hill Trust, Hill, Gail M, Trustee, Hill, Gail Marie, Aka, Trustee, Gail Marie Hill Trust to Dill, Melanie A, Dill, Rodney S, Jacobson, Shawn, 148 Pawnee Ave, Lawrence.

Lutes, Lori, Lutes, Lori N, Aka to Mora, Stephanie, 1112 Somerset Ct, Lawrence.

Calbeck, Matthew, Calbeck, Chelsea Troyer to Darabi, Masoud, Haghshenas, Azadeh, 1104 Centennial Dr, Lawrence.

Thursday, July 22

Huffman, Edward L., Huffman, Barbara J. to Hall, Patrick J., Hall, Maribel, Vacant Land,

Anderton, Brett D., Anderton, Sarah B. to Fonkert, Margaret M., Fonkert, Michael D., 2917 Santa Fe Ln, Lawrence.

Fisher, Stacy G to Smith, Heather, Smith, Joshua Alan, Vacant Land.,

Mcdow, Brian, Mcdow, Jennie Marie, Setili, Jennie Marie, Fka to Gordon, Brian S., Gordon, Kristina A., 2928 Whitmore Dr, Lawrence.

Black, Matt B. to Anderton, Brett D., Anderton, Sarah B., 1708 E 1117 Rd, Lawrence.

Friday, July 23

Strong, Mary Ann to Gulley, Kyle D., Gulley, Sarah E., 1723 N 600 Rd, Baldwin City.

Williams, Mary, Trustee, Hermreck, Barbara, Trustee, Grosdidier, Mark, Trustee, Norbert M. Grosdidier Revocable Living Trust to Hernandez, Ana Teresa Cedillo, Hernandez, David Jimenez, Vacant Land.,

Prochnow, Catharine Kaye to Raeen, Kourosh, Hampton, Suzanne, 231 Perry St, Lawrence.

Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC to Brinkman, Dustin R., Brinkman, Emily, 313 Loges Ct, Lawrence.

Springer, Carl J., Springer, Rachel E. to Stickley, Grant C., Stickley, Debra A., 313 W 26th Ln , Eudora.

Lewis, Daniel Narvaiza, Perryman, Sarah to Ramirez, Angela M., 620 Durham Ct, Lawrence.

Leonard, Pamela J., Leonard, Kevin to Prim, Matthew J., Trustee, Matthew J. Prim Living Trust, 212 E 400 Rd, Overbrook.

Carlson, Sarah R., Roberts, Sarah Beth, Fka, Carlson, Erik Anders to Gallaher, Timothy W., 918 Arkansas St, Lawrence.

Wickenhauser, Kurt, Wickenhauser, Erin, Wickenhauser, Timothy J. to Corbin, Elijah, Corbin, Marysa, 3000 Riverview Rd, Lawrence.

Meistrell, Adam J., Meistrell, Monica G. to Summers, Andrew, Summers, Courtney, 909 Maine St, Lawrence.

1344, LC to Davis, Mark, Davis, Sarah, 3307 Westridge Ct, Lawrence.

Nesting Properties And Management, LLC to Dunkle, Nicholas S., 1528 Powers St, Lawrence.

Capitol Federal Savings Bank to CSR Properties LLC, 1200 Prospect Ave, Lawrence.

Johnson, Kelly E., Johnson, Anne M. to Nichols, John Georg, Nichols, Sharon Leigh, 2905 W 28th St, Lawrence.

Blocker, Katherine E., Chinn, William L., III to Sethuraman, Nagarajan, Nagarajan, Gowri Manohari, 912 Summerfield Ct, Lawrence.

Shepard, Timothy A., Shepard, Ronda to Shepard, Perry L., Shepard, Marie A., 2081 N 1100 Rd, Lawrence.

Bowen, Charles H., Bowen, Joyce A. to Bowen, Caleb Adam, 219 Lyon St, 223 Lyon St, Lawrence.

Angermueller, Janae S. to Moukaddem, Ali N., 3920 Stetson Dr, Lawrence.

Salnaitis, Christina L., Adams, Christina L., Fka, Salnaitis, John to Moukaddem, Ali N., 3921 Stetson Dr, Lawrence.

Flynn, Daniel L., Flynn, Brenda G. to Blocker, Katherine, 4165 Blackjack Oak Dr, Lawrence.

Youngers, Bryly to Duong, Kiet A, Duong, Phouthong, 757 Lincoln St, Lawrence.

Monday, July 26

Mcelhenie, Marilyn K., Trustee, Marilyn K. Mcelhenie Living Trust to Karitu, Nickson K., 3920 W 13th St, Lawrence.

Vaccaro, Nick D., Jr., Trustee, Luella G. Vaccaro Trust to Schmitt, Louis P., Schmitt, Carol, Propst, Wayne, 1705 Kentucky St, Lawrence.

Vogel, Jesse, Vogel, Savannah R. to Macfarlane, Stefanie K., 2216 Marvonne Rd, Lawrence.

Oca, Israel H Montes De, Oca, Israel Hermes Montes De, Aka, Oca, Ivo Hermes Montes De, Aka, Oca, Susan J Montes De, Miller-Montes De Oca, Susan Jane, Aka, Miller, Susan, Aka to United Equity, Llc, 4224 Helianthus Dr, Lawrence.

Pearson, Gregory S., Pearson, Vauncele J., Pearson, Rhiannon Seleste to Kramer, Raven, 1510 E 13th St, Lawrence.

Redwood Lc to George Homes Llc, 208 Eisenhower Dr, Lawrence.

Straub, Barbara L., Straub, Leslie L. to Large, Terry A., Ammerman, Merrie L., 707 Newton St, Baldwin City.

Bylinkin, Aleksandr, Bylinkina, Natalia to Pan, Huang, Yeung, Hang Tat, 1409 Legends Ct, Lawrence.

Swain, Ruth A. to Allison, Jessica, 3807 Overland Dr, Lawrence.

Holmes, Heather to Beall, Nathan, Beall, Nathaniel, Aka, Beall, Mekaiah, 1135 Maple St, Eudora.

Day, Mason to Kissinger, Dalton A., 3600 W 24th St, Lawrence.

Craver, Iris E, Stemmerman, Steve to Learned, Lori, Robinson, Stephen R, 1210 Prairie Ave, Lawrence.

Barnard, Philip, Lester, Cheryl to Kusiak, Anna, 808 W 27th Ter, Lawrence.

Greenwood, Sarah B. to Abercrombie, C.F., Trustee, C.F. Abercrombie Trust, 1945 Kentucky , Lawrence.

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